Future of PC


PC’s campus is a blending of old Georgian Revival architecture and new facilities, with numerous buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. They are some of the College’s greatest assets, but with these extraordinary facilities come a great responsibility to preserve, protect, and repair them.

Over the next few years, revitalizing PC’s facilities will be a top priority of PC’s leadership. Where relevant, we will respect and restore the historic roots of our campus, while at the same time providing up-to-date technological and aesthetic updates for the benefit of our students. Both academic buildings, such as Neville Hall, and residential facilities will receive attention.

Neville Hall

Just the site of Neville Hall brings back college memories for PC alumni—regardless of when they graduated. Professors, presidents, staff, and students have come and gone through the years, but Neville Hall is the landmark that connects the PC family across generations.

The PC family has an exciting opportunity to restore Neville Hall to the pristine state in which it was intended when it was first built over 106 years ago. We aim to return this incredible building back to its original state, restoring its architectural history and respecting the history of the College.

Beautifying Campus

We will be focusing on small projects, like landscaping, that will make a big difference on campus.


In the book The Spirit of PC, the author recounts: “Alumni rolls of the first quarter-century included 37 ministers … a number of doctors, educators, lawyers and business leaders also had moved through the PC ranks and into positions of service to society.”

Since then, PC’s academic programs have grown to include a variety of respected and necessary courses. The world in which we now exist has grown and developed to necessitate that we too grow and develop the educational opportunities that we offer to ensure our current and future students achieve success. It is with this perspective that PC is placing emphasis on its pre-professional roots, while continuing to maintain programs that are critical to a liberal arts education.

From its founding, PC has been an environment that prepares students for professional success. Now, 130+ years later, the principle still applies. Whether our students have ambitions of medical school, law school, an MBA, or to attend our School of Pharmacy, PC provides a solid liberal arts foundational education to help them achieve success. This means that we must be first class and nationally recognized at our roots. The following foundational subjects have been identified as Presbyterian College’s academic focus areas: Biology/Chemistry, Business Administration, Education, Pharmacy, History (pre-law focus), and English.