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Posted in: From the desk of the president | January 20, 2013

I had a very nice email recently from Jimmy Shaw, ’71. Jimmy, like so many PC alums, has family roots that go deep into PC’s history. Jimmy said that his son, his daughter, his brother, his father, his father’s brother and his mother’s brother all went to PC. There may be families with deeper roots, but there is no doubt that the Shaw family is wholly committed to PC. It is truly a privilege to serve a college with such a loyal alumni base.

Fran and I had the pleasure of participating in the Winter Conference over the weekend. The conference is held each year to provide students with a time to reflect on their religious beliefs. The conference is usually held at Montreat, but because of the ice and snow in the mountains, the students made quick adjustments and moved the event to Edmunds. The schedule for the first night was as follows:

7:20pm – 7:40pm: Music
The music was wonderful, and they even allowed me to sing. I think they let me sing out of kindness, not because I added any value to the harmony.

7:40pm – 8:00pm: Keynote Introduction: Blessed to be a Blessing
One of our alums, Rev. Michael York, and his wife Erin, led the students in an examination of what it means to be blessed. It was a time of reflection and challenge.

8:05pm – 8:55pm: Small group #1 (Small Group Rooms)
The keynote address was followed-up by small group discussions. What a wonderful time I had listening to students describe how they had been blessed in their lives.

9:00pm – 9:45pm: Keynote Wrap-up (Upper Anderson)
Michael and Erin finished with a wrap-up session designed to spark more thought and discussion for the sessions that would follow.

At 9:45 pm we split up to focus on games, movies, music and of course, food. This was followed by quiet time. For me, the quiet time meant I went home, read a little and dozed off.

As Fran and I walked back to your home, we talked about what a wonderful evening we had listening to and talking with the students. As Fran said, anyone who is concerned about the quality of the younger generation should get solace from listening to the students at the conference. I know I did.

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