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Weather’s impact on education.

Posted in: From the desk of the president | February 17, 2014

Last week we missed three days because of snow and ice.  However, the students made good use of their time. The fraternities built a mini version of a luge run. There was an excess of obligatory snowmen and snowball fights. And, an igloo was constructed near the softball field—probably by our pre-engineering students. Brian Reese, […]

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Wonderful time of the year!

Posted in: From the desk of the president | December 14, 2013

It is almost Christmas. Final exams are over. The last ten days have been very rewarding. Friday, December 6th, Fran and I held a donor reception in the President’s home followed by attendance at the annual PC Christmas music program. This year it was titled “How Sweet the Sound.” Those who were able to be […]

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Neville Grand Prix

Posted in: From the desk of the president | October 6, 2013

The last ten days have been very interesting. Beth Braxton, our new Vice President of Development, and I had the pleasure of visiting with the head of our capital campaign. The strategy for the campaign is coming together nicely, and the leadership team, with the campaign chair, will present a plan to the Board of […]

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A busy campus

Posted in: From the desk of the president | September 20, 2013

A great fall is underway. Freshman enrollment is up three percent. Classes are off to a great start. Some students are currently participating in rush, and the athletic teams are having fun competing. I have had the pleasure of watching both soccer and football games. In the Greenville Dining Hall bookstore, we have some new […]

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Meeting great families

Posted in: From the desk of the president | July 30, 2013

This has been a great summer. One of the high points was meeting three families. They were visiting PC together. I confess they caught me in a golf shirt and khakis on one of my vacation days, but we had a great time talking.  The Dudley, Denson and Amos families were a lot of fun. […]

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An exciting week…

Posted in: From the desk of the president | April 24, 2013

Last week was an extraordinary time to be on our campus. On Thursday morning, I had the opportunity to lead one of the panels for our Honors Day. This is a day where we recognize and support the outstanding scholarship our students and faculty are pursuing across academic disciplines, from history and economics to pharmaceutical […]

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A busy two weeks

Posted in: From the desk of the president | April 18, 2013

The last two weeks have been exciting and a lot of fun. The School of Pharmacy completed its third-year review with the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), the group that evaluates pharmacy schools across the country. This is the penultimate review. The final review is in the spring of 2014. The School of Pharmacy […]

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Hooray for the Pep Band!

Posted in: From the desk of the president | February 4, 2013

Yuna An, Paul Choi, Keith Wolke, David Bush, Laura Johnson, Maria Whitaker, Paul McGannon, Tyler McDaniel, Matsuri Ogawa, Martha Anderson, Jim Brannon, and Karlee Tate. Some of you will immediately recognize these names. Until last week, I did not. My interest in this group was heightened last weekend as I found my foot keeping time with their music at the women’s basketball game. I am sure […]

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Loyal alumni and wonderful students

Posted in: From the desk of the president | January 20, 2013

I had a very nice email recently from Jimmy Shaw, ’71. Jimmy, like so many PC alums, has family roots that go deep into PC’s history. Jimmy said that his son, his daughter, his brother, his father, his father’s brother and his mother’s brother all went to PC. There may be families with deeper roots, […]

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From the President’s Desk

Posted in: From the desk of the president | January 16, 2013

Fran and I had the pleasure of hosting Jimmy and Marsha Gibbs at PC on Tuesday, January 15th for lunch and a presentation to business students. Jimmy is the founder of Gibbs International, one of the world’s largest dealers in textile machinery, and a diversified business operation. Jimmy and Marsha were on campus because he […]

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