This page deals primarily with receipts other than student tuition payments. Student Accounts Receivable information is on a separate page, here.

The cashier window is located on the first floor of Smith Administration Building.

The window is open from 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM and from 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.


Faculty, staff, and students should always hand-deliver cash to the cashier window during posted hours and should wait for a receipt.

Never send cash through the campus mail.

There is a drop box slot below the cashier window that may be utilized for cash deposits and payments.

Credit Card Acceptance

Request approval from the Controller before seeking to accept credit card payments.

Please protect credit card information:

  • Whenever possible, do not store credit card data
  • Protect any stored credit card data
  • Protect credit card data in transit
  • Restrict access to credit card data
  • Physically secure credit card data
  • Be aware of the College’s Incident Response Plan

For more detail, please view the Information Security Policy for Presbyterian College Merchant Accounts.


Please submit your deposit with a Cash Receipt Transmittal.

Cash Receipt Transmittal

Please print a copy for your records as well as the copy to be sent to the cashier in the Business Office.

This form is used when submitting coins, currency, checks and/or money orders for deposit. Complete all sections of the form. Please be sure to record the organization/department code and the account code the funds are to be credited to along with a brief description of the deposit. A receipt will be issued by the cashier for you to compare to your records.