ResNet – Residential Network and Tech Support

We help students with general computer issues, including security, networking, and data backup/recovery.  In order to use the network, each student must agree to PC’s Internet Use Policy. Please read this carefully.  Residential Computer Consultants (RCCs) from ResNet will be able to assist you in connecting to the college network. RCCs will be available to assist you on the first day of Orientation on, except for the week of final exams. Wireless coverage was upgraded in on campus residences in August 2013. Personal Wireless Access Points or Wireless Routers are prohibited. If you are unable to connect from your room to wireless, an ethernet cable is recommended. Ethernet cables provide a higher speed and more reliable network connection than wireless. Cables may be purchased at local stores: Fred’s and WalMart.

Computer Recommendations:

Operating System

Keep your Operating System up-to-date by setting it for Automatic updates.  For examples: Microsoft Windows 7 – SP1, Apple: OSX 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8 (upgrade to 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9 will be required when Apple discontinues security updates to 10.6/10.7). Unix-based systems: Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. Any distribution receiving automatic security updates is recommended.

Note: There is a variety of hardware available, including netbooks, tablet computers (such as the Ipad or Xoom/Galaxy), that students may find to be sufficient for their needs.  As such, the concern from an IT perspective is that the software receives regular security updates to reduce the risk of infections.

Students are advised to view our Security Recommendations page.

Open Source

Recognizing that we live in a free market, we encourage students to try out free (legal) software that meets their needs.  To this effect, we ask students to consider LibreOffice as a competent alternative to Microsoft Office, but to note that LibreOffice is not 100% compatible with Microsoft Office.  (Example: Slide shows will not transfer easily to PowerPoint; Excel macros may not transfer to/from LibreOffice Calc perfectly.) For other possible replacements, the Open Source Software Directory is a great site to find free replacements for commonly used software.

Copy Right Materials / Legal Downloads

To illegally share copyrighted materials such as music or videos (usually acquired through Bittorrent programs such as Limewire or Frostwire) can bring prosecution against the student.  However, students are free to purchase such materials through legal services such as Netflix, iTunes, or Amazon for personal use.  The full documentation of PC’s policy is found here.


There is increasing wireless (Wi-Fi) coverage on campus. To take advantage of wireless access, your device must have 802.11bgn network capability (built-in or added).  NOTE: Personal wireless Access Points (A.P.s) and routers are strictly prohibited throughout the campus.

If you have any questions, please take a look at our FAQ or contact us at