Art History is inherently interdisciplinary.

The art history program at PC enhances the liberal arts curriculum by intersecting with other disciplines, as varied as chemistry, history, international studies, business, and general humanities, as well as serving general education requirements in the fine arts.  Students who choose the art history emphasis in the art major learn not only about the major monuments of human culture, but also how to analyze visual material, to place objects in historical, cultural, and social context, and how to conduct effective research, to present that research, and to write a well-documented and reasoned research paper.

Students who take art history classes find themselves more aware of their surroundings, at home and abroad.  Many students avail themselves of the opportunity to engage in short-term study abroad with art history.  In recent years, the art history Maymesters have included travel to Greece, Spain, England, and Cuba.  Students who study abroad for longer terms find that art history prepares them to see more and understand more of what they see.