International Study Opportunities

In a business world that is increasingly global in nature, our department sees international business as a vital component to our students’ education. In addition to placing an international business component in the core curriculum, the Department of Economics and Business Administration offers its majors a variety of short-term international study opportunities in countries across the globe.

In 2012, Dr. Suzie Smith and Political Science faculty member Dr. David Liu led a study trip to China. In 2013, Dr. Turner led a Maymester trip to South Africa.

The department has offered business courses in China, Scotland, England, Mexico, and South Korea during summer sessions. Courses have included Doing Business in China, Marketing in the European Union, International Management, Introduction to the Mexican Economy, The Economics of Globalization, and The Economics of Europe: West and East.

In addition to taking internationally-themed courses, students also learn about the countries they visit through a variety of plant visits, guest speakers, cultural events, and informal tours.