The Department of Business Administration at Presbyterian College provides its students with a broad understanding of market-based, capitalist economy and a rigorous, practical course of instruction that develops the strengths of individual students, preparing them to launch dynamic professional careers, pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, excel in graduate school, and serve society.


We believe that our students come first.

We know our students. Although we engage in research and publishing, we use these tools to support our top priority: Teaching our students effectively.

We weave ethics, honor, and social responsibility into the fabric of our curriculum.

We want our students to understand that they can do well in business and do good works in society.

We support capitalism.

We believe in the creative power of the human mind and spirit to add value to society and to solve the problems that people everywhere face.

We develop students’ critical thinking and analytical skills.

Because the future is uncertain, we cannot know the challenges that businesses will face in the future. We must prepare our students for careers that may not exist yet.

We make learning fun.

We celebrate our successes, find joy in our work, build an enthusiastic community of scholarship, and exhibit a healthy sense of humor. Our students learn best in a positive, nurturing environment.