The compelling purpose of Presbyterian College is to develop within the framework of Christian faith the mental, physical, moral, and spiritual capacities of each student in preparation for a lifetime of personal and vocational fulfillment and responsible contribution to our democratic society and the world community.

The College frankly recognizes its purpose to build on Judeo-Christian faith as the faith which best underlies the search for knowledge in every field of learning. It roots its understanding of life in the revelation of God in the Scriptures and in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It moves from this base to both personal commitment and dynamic freedom.

Faculty members in physics are Christian scholars in the Protestant tradition who join together in a fellowship of faith and learning.  We seek, in our personal lives and in our vocations as scholars, to search fearlessly for truth in our own fields of scholarly interest, to reflect on its meaning from a Christian point of view; to inspire and lead students in the search for truth; to challenge them to face honestly its meaning for living in our century and in our world.