Alumni from the Political Science Department at Presbyterian College continue to pursue a wide variety of career paths both in and out of government service.

The current professional positions of our recent graduates range from service in the electoral arena to non-profit agencies to graduate school.

Some examples of what our recent graduates are currently doing include: serving as a campaign manager for a state-wide campaign in the 2012 election; analyzing data at Accenture (a Washington, D.C.-based analysis firm); serving in the PeaceCorps in Ethiopia; and serving as a police officer.

Other recent graduates are continuing their education in law school or graduate school. ¬†For example, some of our alumni are currently enrolled in Schools of Law at Mercer (Ga.), University of South Carolina (S.C.) and Vanderbilt University (Tenn.). Other recent graduates are currently enrolled in master’s degree programs in public administration, health administration, Middle Eastern studies and international relations at a variety of graduate schools that range from Washington, D.C. to North and South Carolina.