Political Science seniors engage in a semester-long, original research project as a part of the Senior Capstone experience.

These projects are “culminating experiences” in which students integrate the knowledge and skills that they have developed during their time at PC into their own independent inquiries. Below is a listing of the projects that were completed in Spring 2014:

  • Jordan Archer: ““Race, Poverty and U.S. Healthcare: Not So Healthy For All:””
  • Joseph Barakat: “No Surrender: Evangelical Intractability in the Irish Troubles”
  • Adam Bradshaw: “A Revisionist Theory of Party Sorting: Your Issues, Your Party of Choice”
  • Nathan Crocker: “The Effectiveness of American Drug Policy since the 1980’s War on Drugs”
  • Laura Leigh Fox: “¿Republicano o Demócrata?: Educational Policies’ Effect on Hispanic-American Voting Behavior in the United States”
  • Christopher Hall: “The Effects of Democratization on Poverty in African Countries”
  • Daniel Jenkins: “The Impact of Age on Public Perceptions of Women in Direct Combat and the Military Gender Gap”
  • Robert Monroe: “Religion and the Death Penalty: Who Has the Final Say?”
  • Bryan Shepherd: “Pocketbook Voting and Trends in Recent Elections: Change in Politics or Change in Pockets?”
  • Justin Smith: “Political Shifts: Examining the Correlation between Congressional Approval and Partisan Polarization within Congress”
  • Stewart Thomas: “The Correlation between State Legislative Power and Income Inequality from 1990 to 2011”
  • ** Brad Zebedis: “Real Original: Supreme Court Justice Ideology and Original Intent Interpretation”

**Winner of the annual J. David Gillespie Award for Outstanding Research in Political Science, which is awarded to the political science major with the best overall Senior Capstone project.