Students interested in psychology have many exciting opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge in research and internship opportunities.

By participating in independent study projects, student-faculty research initiatives, or internships, you can gain hands-on experience that will help you in your pursuit of a rewarding career or graduate studies.


HonorsDay_CarolineMcGill_MorganFragapane Internships are a great way to see how your academic experience translates to a real-world career setting. You can also build valuable connections with professionals and network. Plus, you can explore a potential career and determine whether it’s a good match for you.

Our faculty can assist you pursue an internship by supervising an internship arranged through the Office of Career Programs and Student Development or through our department.


The Psychology Department faculty keeps up with the latest scholarship and research in psychology and is eager to discuss the latest cutting-edge theories and findings with you. If you are interested in assisting with a psychology research study or developing your own project, please feel free to meet with any of our faculty. You can find details about each faculty member’s area of specific research interest on each of their webpages. You may also contact our faculty to inquire whether they have ongoing research projects or whether your own independent project idea would fit well with their interests. We are here to assist you in your own learning, development, and exploration of psychology and look forward to hearing from you.

Students assisting with or conducting research with our faculty have enjoyed many exciting opportunities and accomplishments in recent years. These include:

  • Student presentations at the Southeastern Psychology Association Conference (2010 = 2 students)
  • Student presentations at the Big South Undergraduate Research Conference (2009 = 3 students, 2012 = 2 students)
  • Presbyterian College Honors Day Symposium (2012 = 4 students, 2010 = 3 students, 2009 = 3 students)

In addition, many psychology majors and minors have participated in the Summer Fellows Program, which provides a stipend for students to engage in research alongside a faculty member during the summer. Since 2008, eight of our students have worked with psychology faculty in this prestigious program. Dani Pennington, explains the value of the Summer Fellows program for learning and career-oriented skills:

“The Summer Fellow program was an invaluable experience that introduced me to the concepts of research methods and ethics, and allowed me to delve deeper into the inner workings of basic science under the guidance of an enthusiastic and inspiring mentor. The opportunity left such a monumental impression on me that I have pursued research positions during every academic year since that study and have worked in three different labs at the vet school. I know now that I want to enter the field of biomedical research, and without that initial experience at PC, I may not have ended up on this path. I feel that the Summer Fellow program gives students the opportunity to fully and completely explore a research question, draw conclusions, and learn an incredible amount about their topic and the research field in general. If nothing else, it allows each student the opportunity to more fully explore a subject that interests them and gain an invaluable skill set that involves problem solving, scientific writing, public speaking, and much more that will serve them well in future endeavors.”

— Dani Pennington (biology major, psychology minor).  Summer Fellows, 2008

We hope that you will consider an internship or research opportunity during your studies with our psychology faculty. Please see our webpage about careers and graduate studies for more information about how an internship or research experience can help you. Of course, you may also ask any of our faculty members about how an internship or research experience can benefit your education and goals.