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Our students are the lifeblood of the department.  They are the source material for the plays and our active collaborators in bringing scripts to the stage.

Here is what some of our students had to say about their PC Theatre experience while working in Devised Theatre to create the spring play, The Circle of Life.

“I can honestly say that the devised theatre class is and will remain my favorite class in my experience at PC; not because it was a performance based class or because we got to stay in a hostel in Charleston, South Carolina, but because the people in the class became a family.”

– Savannah Truesdale, theatre major

“When I signed up for this Devised Theatre class, I knew exactly what I was signing up for, or so I thought. I knew that there were not going to be a lot of students in the class, that we were going to have to write our own play, which was probably going to be nearly impossible, and that in the end, I would have to muster up all the courage I had to perform it in front of a small group of people in Harper. Turns out, only some of that turned out to be true. From the first time we met, I felt that there was an instant connection between the nine of us. We all brought something to the table, which in turn, made this amazing play. When we heard the topic of the play, I think we all thought it was going to be very slow with a lot of life lessons and maybe one or two laughs. I do not think any of us ever thought in our wildest dreams that this play would be a hit through out PC, that we would have an encore show, or sell out the final show, have people come all three nights, and have students come up to us and tell us how great the show was. This has been everything I could have imagined and more.”

– Katie Prisco, general interest theatre student

“The most fun thing the cast was able to do was spend a weekend in Charleston together. I truly believe that it was the turning point for our group. We really got to see each other outside of a working environment, which really allowed us to understand each and every person who was involved in the play. We were able to see the improv group based out of Theatre 99 and be coached by Greg Tavares at the theatre. I believe that we got many ideas that ended up in our play from that weekend.”

– Joey Gilkey, theatre minor

“In high school, theatre brought me a sense of companionship that I hadn’t found in any other group or club, and that camaraderie is one of the main things that this play provided for me as well. But this project was much more than just finding a place to fit in like a high school drama club. In fact, it was more of “unfinding” my place and developing an entirely new one. Right from the very start, this class placed me with people I would normally not have the opportunity to talk to, much less grow close to. Truthfully, at the beginning I kept wishing that more people had been able to take the class – it was scheduled at an unavailable time for many of my friends who wanted to participate. Now however, I can look back and see how very different our show would have been if any additions had been made to our collective. I think that every member of the cast played an irreplaceable role in the show, as well as becoming personally significant to me. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten closer to the members of any team or group so quickly than I did with this the cast of this show. Our newfound friendships are a part this experience that will last beyond the individual lives of any of us.”

– Lanier Smith, theatre minor

“All in all, I am really proud of this piece. Honestly, I was incredibly skeptical at first. Since our theme was beginnings and endings, I thought the show was going to be really ”theatery” and have crying people and dead babies and husbands in bushel baskets and 9/11 references. But in the end, we created a really beautiful show. The theme was clear, the staging was lovely, and the chemistry onstage seemed to be contagious. I am so glad I chose to take this class. I got to sing “I Will Always Love You” AND “Seasons of Love”! It let me go out with a bang! You can’t beat that.”

– Taylor Randall, theatre major