At PC, you have year-round internship opportunities to experience on-the-job training and get your foot in the door with companies around the country during the summer.

Our location in the middle of the booming Southeast Atlantic states offers access to major corporations, regional and local companies, and professional firms.

The Office of Career Programs will work with you individually to locate positions that develop the skills needed for educational, personal, and professional development. They will guide you through the application process and make sure you have the tools you need to acquire the position you want.

Obtaining an internship is a competitive process, but PC students come out on top; nearly every PC student who is interested secures an internship. That is the kind of track record you want in the college you choose. Whether you are preparing for employment after graduation or pursuing graduate school, an internship will prepare you to be successful in any endeavor you choose.

How it works

  • Career Programs collaborates with faculty for academic oversight;
  • Career Programs networks with local community and alumni employers to develop opportunities;
  • Students work with Career Programs to create a unique internship position.

Internships for academic credit are arranged with Office of Career Programs, the student, and the applicable academic department.

*PC does not offer a Co-op program. Students in Education Majors may complete practicums and student teaching for their experiential component of their curriculum.

Contact Lynn Downie, Coordinator of Career Programs at for internship details.