Dr. Zihua (David) Liu, Director


Dr. Liu is a native of China. He received his B.A. in English & Int’l Economics (2000) from Foreign Affair University in Beijing and Ph.D. degree in Political Science (2007) from SUNY Buffalo. He joined Presbyterian College as a faculty member in the department of Political Science in 2008 and served as the founding director of Confucius Institute since 2009. Besides work, he enjoys nature and gardening.


Ms. Yin Pan, Deputy Director


Ms. Pan is an associate professor of Chinese-English Translation at Guizhou University. She earned her master’s degree in linguistics at the National University of Singapore. She also has a post-graduate diploma in EFL, which she earned at Nanyang Technological University. Over her career, she has accumulated considerable experience in teaching both English and Chinese. Her current research areas include intercultural communication and translation. Her favorite pastimes are Taiji, Calligraphy, travel, reading and music.


Dr. Peggy Prescott, Education Initiative Coordinator


Dr. Peggy Prescott is a native of South Carolina and has been an educator in the Palmetto State for 40 years, having earned a B.S. and a Masters from Winthrop University, an Education Specialist from Clemson University and a doctorate from South Carolina State University.  She has served as a school principal, a curriculum writer for the S.C. State Dept. of Ed. and Dean of the Laurens County Higher Education Center.   Dr. Prescott lives in Laurens with her husband, Ed Prescott, and they have three grown sons, four grandchildren, four dogs and two horses.  She loves horseback riding, beach music, shag dancing, reading and traveling.


Mr. Chao Liu, Chinese Language Instructor


Mr. Liu comes from Benxi, Liaoning in northeast China. He earned his B.A. from Dalian University of Foreign Languages in 2003. He went on to become an instructor of English in Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, where he obtained his M.A. in Linguistics. Mr. Liu’s is an enthusiastic traveler. He is a music fan; Mariah Carey and Beyoncé are two of his favorite musicians.


Dr. Taiwei Wang, Chinese Language Instructor


Dr. Taiwei Wang is a native of China’s Guizhou Province. He received his Ph.D. in literature at Shanghai Normal University, prior to which he had studied at Guizhou University for his B.A. and Chongqing Normal University for his M.A..His research interests include Modern Chinese Literature and Comparative Literature. In his spare time, he does a lot of sports and he also likes singing.


Mr. Xiaorui “Ray” Du, Tutor


Mr. Du was born in North China’s Shandong Province. He spent the past 7 years in the southwest Chinese province of Guizhou, where he earned his B.A. and M.A. in English. As an avid reader of books, his American intellectual heroes include Henry David Thoreau and Kentuckian writer and farmer Wendell Berry.He listens to a lot of folk and rock music from the 1960s and 70s. He also blogs about consumer electronics on Tumblr.


Ms. Ruyi Yang, Tutor


Ms. Yang is now taking a break from her master’s studies at Guizhou University to work with the Confucius Institute. Prior to Guizhou, she spent four years studying Chinese at Beijing International Studies University. Her natural affinity of working with students makes her a good teacher. She’s also a big traveler, with a dream to explore the world.