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CI Faculty Joined Local Chinese People to Celebrate Moon Festival in Greenville

The Moon Festival, a.k.a. the Mid-Autumn Festival,  is to most Chinese people the second most important festival, after only the Chinese New Year. Much like Thanksgiving in North America, this day is about harvest and, of course, reunion with family and friends.  On Sunday, September 20, CI staff joined local Chinese people, mostly from upstate...

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Dr. K.K.Yeo brought Confucius and Paul the Apostle to a Conversation at PC

Thursday, September 24, saw the start of a rainy, soggy period of time. At 7: 30 PM in the Edmunds Auditorium, PC finally hosted the long-awaited lecture titled “Having Tea with Confucius and Paul: Truth, Goodness and Beauty” by biblical scholar Dr. K.K. Yeo, a Harry R. Kendall Professor of New Testament at Garrett Theological...

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CI Hosted a Chinese Corner Event Relating to Moon Festival

With the Moon festival just around the corner, the second Chinese corner of fall 2015 semester was naturally presented as a celebration of the traditional Chinese festival.   Chinese instructor Xiaorui Du hosted the event, which took place on the evening of Sep. 23 in the Chinese classroom of CIH. He first gave a talk on...

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