Working abroad helps defray travel costs while allowing students or recent graduates to live like locals.

Although positions may not pay extremely well, they may provide the extra resources needed to get abroad for an extended period of time. Most short-term paid work opportunities are open to students or recent graduates and are mainly located in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Students that decide to work abroad could expect a position in industries such as hospitality, childcare, or agriculture. However, with a little creativity and perseverance, the enterprising student may find a position of a more professional nature that may correspond to his or her career goals.

Cultural Embrace by API

This travel and work abroad opportunity has programs in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and China.  Employment is available in fields such as hospitality, labor/manual, warehouse, childcare, and rural farm work.

Benefits: work placement, improve foreign language skills, accommodations in some sites

Interexchange- Work & Travel Abroad

Living and working abroad opportunities are available in Australia and New Zealand through this program.  Potential positions include office assistant, teacher, retail, manual labor, and child care.  Programs have rolling admission, so a one year journey can begin any time.

Benefits: Help with housing, insurance, in-country support, job placement

Peace Corps

Established by President John F. Kennedy in 1960, the Peace Corps seeks to help train men and women for interested countries abroad, as well as facilitate greater understanding between the people of the U.S. and people served.  Currently the Peace Corps serves 76 countries in the areas of health, education, community economic development, youth in development, environment and agriculture.  Participants have 10 weeks of in-country training, followed by 24 months of service.

Benefits: round-trip travel to country of service, monthly living/housing allowance, full medical/dental coverage, 48 paid vacation days, technical, language, and cross-cultural training.

The Fulbright Program

The Fulbright Scholarship offers opportunities for students and graduates to participate in international graduate study, primary school, secondary school, and university teaching, and advanced research abroad.  Grants are available in teaching, business, journalism, music, public policy, and science and public health, as well as some other study/research areas.

Benefits: round-trip transportation to host country, funding for room, board and incidental costs, accident and sickness health benefits.  (Depending on the country, benefits may also include orientation programs, language study programs, book and research allowances, and full or partial tuition)


BUNAC’s work abroad programs combine work and travel with internships in Great Britain (up to 6 months), and job opportunities in Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand (up to 12 months). Office jobs as well as tourism, retail, and other services are common employment for participants.

Benefits: orientation, job placement, visa assistance, other local support and resources

Aupair World

Aupair World helps connect host families and aupairs from around the world.  Aupairs can learn about a new culture and language and care for children to become part of a family abroad.  Aupair World organizes profiles so that potential aupairs and interested host families can share information in a protected space.

Benefits: find a host family in a safe way, compensation dependent on host country, learn about a new culture and language