Students sitting on the grass in a circle

Launch equips faculty, staff, and students to explore vocational goals, leadership, and service.

PC Launch Program for Vocation, Leadership, and Service—commonly known as PC Launch—is the work of a cross-disciplinary team of undergraduate faculty led by Dr. Anita Gustafson, professor of history.

“The Launch Program articulates the vision of Presbyterian College,” said Dr. Gustafson, Professor of History and coordinator of the Launch initiative. “This program takes the idea of service and emphasizes its relevance not only to students’ time in college, but to their future careers and community leadership roles.  PC’s educational and co-curricular program prepares students for lives that are relevant in an ever-changing work environment.”

The program is designed to facilitate the integration of a liberal arts education with pre-professional development in order to prepare students to lead lives of meaning and purpose.

Its funding is through a $50,000 program development grant from the Council for Independent Colleges and the Lilly Endowment.

“As I worked alongside the leaders of Launch effort, I was constantly stuck by how much potential impact this effort can have – we are actually helping students find their way to a satisfying career and vocation!  Each planning meeting seemed to deepen my sense of the importance of this effort,” said Dr. John Inman, Professor of Biology and member of the planning committee for Launch.

This fall marks the implementation of the Launch course, a one-hour credit class designed to help students explore vocation. Launch will also sponsor initiatives throughout the school year to assist students in owning their goals and values.