The Launch Program encompasses a four-year journey for students, with a focus in its initial stages upon the freshman and sophomore years.

Launch represents a convergence of Academics, Student Life, Religious/Spiritual Life and Athletics, with the realization that a true liberal arts education focuses on educating the whole person.

Launch Objectives:
  • Integrate existing vocation-related activities to better help freshmen explore vocation starting in their first college semester.
  • Develop new opportunities for students to critically examine vocation as they make decisions about their major, career, and life, beginning in their sophomore year.
  • Expand opportunities for junior and senior students to implement their vocational ideals and goals as they prepare to transition to new careers, service, and/or studies beyond the college.


Students will explore what vocation means intellectually and spiritually, what it means to use the gifts each person possesses, and to emphasize service as a value that makes PC unique.
The First Year Experience
Orientation is linked with the First Year Experience structure through a common reading relating to vocation and calling which the First Year Experience instructors will use as a basis for a discussion of vocation in their seminar. Additionally, Launch will pair alumni or other professionals with particular First Year Experience courses.

Thus, through intentional programming, Launch will supplement the First Year Experience courses by providing additional vocational development.


The Sophomore Year: Refinement and Active Exploration of Vocation
Beginning in the sophomore year, students will explore vocation, leadership, and service and the meaning of each for the individual student.

Through an interdisciplinary, one-semester hour course called “Launching Vocation, Leadership, and Service” that addresses the College’s motto, Dum Vivimus Servimus, students will learn how to incorporate that concept into their personal definition of vocation.

Course content includes traditional career exploration exercises (assessment, industry research, resume development, and active utilization of the Blue Hose CareerNet, a vocational/career portfolio) alongside focused discussions about vocation, purpose, service, and leadership.

A primary course learning outcome will be for students to demonstrate capacity to connect their interests and abilities with a life of purpose. If a student has not decided upon a major, this course will also provide resources for the student to make an informed decision when declaring a major.

Juniors & Seniors

In order to develop a deeper understanding of purpose, juniors and seniors currently have the opportunity to sign up for the Launch course.
As it grows closer to the time to create post-graduate plans, juniors and seniors have the ability to use Blue Hose CareerNet. As part of PC’s general education program, juniors and seniors will participate in an internship or a study-away experience, whether a Maymester or study abroad, by the time that they graduate.

The goal will be that all students will have participated in a significant service opportunity by the time they reach their senior year.

Juniors and seniors have the ability participate in:
  • Making a Difference in the World: Establishing a Day of Service.
  • Alumni Mentoring: Working with the Alumni Office, pair alumni volunteers with current students in a mentoring relationship relating to vocation.
  • Maymester Service Learning.
  • Launch Course.