Honors Day Symposium

The annual Honors Day Symposium offers students an opportunity to share the results of their scholarly efforts with the Presbyterian College community. The 2014 Symposium occurs on April 24th, the day of the Honors Day Convocation; both events honor outstanding academic work being completed by PC students. Past symposiums have included art, literary, humanist, and scientific presentations and posters from students of all years.

Students wishing to participate must submit a proposal that includes the author’s name, the supervising professor and department, paper/poster title (specifying format), and a brief abstract (approximately 100 words). This information must be submitted electronically at http://www.presby.edu/academics/honors-day-symposium-abstract-form/. The submission form also has a box for any special requests/comments relevant to the presentation. Deadline for submission for the 2014 Symposium was March 14, 2014.

Additional information may be obtained from Dr. Robert Freymeyer, Director of Undergraduate Research,  or the Divisional Coordinators:

• Humanities: Dr. Robert Bryant
• Social Sciences: Dr. Alicia Askew 
• Natural Sciences: Dr. Ronald Zimmerman

2013 Honors Day Symposium Program

2013 Honors Day Symposium Abstracts

2014 Honors Day Symposium Program