At Presbyterian College, we offer you more than a good education. We prepare you for a good life.

At Presbyterian College, we’re small enough to see you—face to face—and to see to it that you have an excellent college experience that leads you to be inspired.The combination of academic rigor and friendliness, community and fun at PC will serve you for life and help you serve your community in return.

Here, you aren’t a number in a lecture hall, you’re a student at the table, learning in a personable atmosphere. Students and professors look each other in the eye as they question and think through ideas big and small. Together, they think through the answers on our beautiful campus that extends history and tradition into today. Our professors want to know your interests and passions, and by fostering a community of vibrant learning and living, they let you know, you aren’t in this alone.

Whether you’d like to participate in research, study abroad or pursue an internship–you can learn about the world while getting your degree.

What does life have in store for you?

Questions For Admissions

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