Emily Payne

Hi! My name is EEmilymily Payne, and I am an Admissions Counselor at Presbyterian College. I graduated from PC in 2011 as a double major in History and Religion. After graduating from PC, I spent a year in Durham, NC at Duke University, where I received a Master of Arts in Christian Studies. After just a year away from PC, it seems I couldn’t stay away, and I am so happy to be back here with the Admissions team! PC truly is a place that holds deep and special memories for me, and I am so excited to share with you all the things that PC can offer.

One of the greatest things that I believe PC has to offer is its tight-knit community. Although PC is a small school, it has a lot to offer, and is a wonderful place to get involved! PC’s motto is ‘While we live, we serve,’ and this motto guides our students as they get involved both on campus in many of the over 70 student organizations, or off campus at Thornwell Home for Children or any of the nursing homes here in Clinton.

Some of the best friends you’ll have are ones you make in college, and the time I spent involved on campus with other PC students really brought us together to form close bonds that will last a lifetime.

PC has just as much to offer academically as it does socially. With the student-teacher ratio being 13:1, a lot of opportunity is given for students to really develop great relationships with professors. Whenever I was struggling with a class, my professors were always eager to help me do my best, and when I was especially interested in topics we were studying, I had several teachers who helped me pursue more learning and were more than willing to talk and give advice. At PC, learning doesn’t just occur in the classroom, though. During their four years at PC, most students will participate in either a Maymester or Study Abroad semester. This is a great way for students to see another culture first hand, while getting class credit! I had the chance to go to Ireland while at PC with some of my favorite professors and a group of my best friends and it was an experience I will remember forever!

My four years at PC were years I will value and cherish the rest of my life. I am so thankful for my PC education because of the things it taught me, and the ways it helped me grow as a person. After leaving PC and entering into a different academic environment, I felt completely prepared and equipped to excel and succeed. The community of friends and professors that I gained during my time at PC has proven invaluable as I have entered into the ‘real world’ and have needed lots of advice and support. I feel confident about the things that PC has to offer because of all the ways it served me. I am thrilled to have the chance to meet you and share with you all the things I love about PC! If you are from Upstate South Carolina, or Tennessee then I look forward to meeting you and helping you as you navigate the process of choosing the right college!