Art History Course Offerings

110 Survey of Western Art I (3) The art of the Western world from its earliest known examples in caves of France and Spain up to the beginning Renaissance ideals in art and architecture of Western Europe, with a brief view of some of the arts of the Islamic world created during that same era. Examines the way that the visual arts and architecture gives expression to a culture’s values and ideas about life, death, and spirituality. (Fall)

120 Survey of Western Art II (3) This course surveys the art of Western Europe and the Americas from the Renaissance through the 20th century. Particular attention is paid to change in social and cultural institutions leading to the development of modernism. (Spring)

210 Medieval Art and Architecture (3) A survey of art and architecture created in Europe beginning in the late Roman Empire though the 14th century. (Fall, alternate years)

220 Art in Italy, 1400-1700 (3) A survey of art and architecture created in Italy between 1400 and 1700 AD. Art and architecture are examined in relation to the philosophical, scientific, and religious debates of the era. (Spring, alternate years)

221 Art in Northern Europe, 1400-1700 (3) A survey of the art and architecture in European countries outside of Italy, especially Flanders, the Netherlands, France, and Spain. Of particular interest are the roles played by the Reformation and Counter-Reformation on art production. (Spring, alternate years)

230 Art in Europe, 1700-1850 (3) A survey of art and architecture created in Western Europe from 1700-1850. The development of the independent gallery system and the role of art academies, leading to modernist movements in the 19th century are emphasized. (Fall, alternate years)

240 Art in Europe, 1850-1950 (3) A survey of the art and architecture created in Western Europe during the late 19th and through the 20th century. Major modernist movements and avant-garde styles are discussed in depth. (Fall, alternate years)

245 Art in the United States, 1900-Present (3) A survey of the art and architecture created in the United States beginning in the early 20th century around the time of the Armory Show in New York in 1913. Major movements throughout the century will be examined, along with the special circumstances of art making in the United States. (Fall, alternate years)

310 Modern Art Theory and Criticism (3) An examination of the writings of artists and critics of the late 19th and 20th centuries whose works construct the history of modernism in the arts. (Spring, alternate years)

320 Topics in Latin American Art (3) A survey of the art of one region or country in Latin America, such as Mesoamerican art, Caribbean art, South American Art, Mexican art, or Brazilian art. (Spring, alternate years)

410 Contemporary Art: Theory and Practices (3) An examination of the visual arts of the 20th century and into the 21st century, emphasizing theory, criticism, and exhibition strategies related particularly to news media. (Spring, alternate years)

450 Art History Seminar (3) A seminar devoted to a topic central to the history of art. This course is designed to offer students the opportunity to do in-depth analysis of artworks, understand and apply theoretical frameworks to the interpretation of culture, and develop and present research. (Spring, alternate years)

442 Directed Studies (1-6) See Catalog.

444 Internships (1-6) See Catalog.

446 Readings (1-9) See Catalog.

448 Research (1-9) See Catalog.

450 Seminar (1-9) See Catalog.

452 Special Projects (1-9) See Catalog.

458 Special Topics (1-6) See Catalog.