Marine Science Minor

Professor: James T. Wetzel (Director)

Requirements for the Minor in Marine Studies:

Students who minor in marine studies must take any combination of approved coursework or independent studies for a combination of nineteen hours (eleven to thirteen hours in addition to general courses within a major). Suitable courses within the biology major are: BIOL 201, 216; approved courses taken at The Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (e.g., Marine Science I; Marine Science II; three to five hours of advanced courses such as Marine Policy, Writing in Marine Sciences, Ichthyology, Marine Ecology, or an independent study); approved courses taken at Duke Marine Laboratory; approved transfer courses (e.g., marine courses taken at James Cook University in Australia or other PC-affiliate institutions abroad or courses from established marine programs such as the College of Charleston); marine-related Maymester courses; special studies in marine science (e.g., on-campus work such as BIOL 442, 444, 448, 452, and 458); research at a specific independent laboratory; studies at the Belle Baruch Marine Lab/Hobcaw Barony; research at the Gulf Course Research Laboratory; approved interdisciplinary coursework at PC such as CHEM 442.