Business Administration – Management

The business administration major with a management concentration offers students the most popular and flexible option within the departmental majors. In addition to requiring foundational courses in economics, accounting, finance, business law, marketing, computer applications for business, and management, the program allows students to select from over a dozen upper-level elective options taught by experienced faculty. In most of these courses, students polish their communication skills through required presentations, research papers, and team projects.

PC’s business administration majors are well-versed in the applications of technology to the business world. Many classes incorporate the use of computers and technology in creative ways, encouraging students not only to understand the mechanics of using technology but also the impact of technology on people. Jacobs Hall, home of the Department of Economics and Business Administration, houses a PC computer lab and a teaching theater. These facilities are available to students most of the day to allow opportunities to apply computer skills by using Excel applications, Capsim simulation, and more course-specific software.

The business administration major fits comfortably within the context of Presbyterian College’s liberal arts education philosophy. Our students benefit from the solid foundation gained from a broad-based liberal arts education, which many centuries have proved to be an effective way to educate young people. They also take a concentration of courses that will prepare them for success in a variety of business careers and will make them attractive to employers–all within a distinctively Christian context.

Business Administration Major with Concentration in Management

  • Sophomore Year: ECON 201, ECON 202, ACCT 203, ACCT 204, BADM 299
  • Junior Year: BADM 307, BADM 315, BADM 332, STAT 319, Internship or International Travel Experience, 2 upper-level 3-hr electives
  • Senior Year: BADM 301, BADM 351, BADM 352, 2 upper-level EBA electives, International Business elective

Recent elective options have included:

  • Small Business Management
  • Real Estate
  • Managerial Communication
  • Health Care Administration
  • Money & Banking
  • Investment Analysis
  • Sports Marketing
  • Industrial Psychology (cross-listed with Psychology)
  • Database Management (cross-listed with Computer Science)
  • Enterprise Information Systems (cross-listed with Computer Science)
  • Environmental Economics
  • International Political Economy (cross-listed with Political Science)
  • International Trade
  • Capitalism: Foundations and Functions
  • Christianity & Capitalism (cross-listed with Religion)
  • Doing Business in China
  • The Economics of Globalization