Economics Major Options

Two options are available for students wanting to major in economics. The business administration major with a concentration in economics (51 hours) requires students to take courses in all the major functional areas of business while focusing and upper level requirements on core economic theory and elective courses.

The economics major requires fewer total hours (38) and adds the rigor of calculus. The capstone course, Research in Economics, requires in-depth reading in economics and a faculty-supervised research project.

Both majors are good preparation for graduate school in economics.  Required coursework for the two majors follows.

Business Administration Major – Economics Concentration (51 hours)

  • Sophomore Year: ECON 201, ECON 202, ACCT 203, ACCT 204, BADM 299
  • Junior Year: BADM 307, BADM 315, BADM 332, STAT 319, ECON 310, ECON 330, Internship or International Travel Experience
  • Senior Year: BADM 301, BAMD 351, BAMD 352, two upper-level Economics electives, International Economics elective

Requirements for the Major in Economics (38 hours)

    Students majoring in economics must complete a total of 38 hours, including ACCT 203; BADM 299; ECON 201, 202, 310, 330, and 440; MATH 201 or 211; STAT 319; and 12 additional elective hours from ECON taught at or above the 300-level. BADM 332 or BADM 351 may also count towards the elective requirements.