Credit Cards

Credit Card Program Information
Subject to normal approval processes and officer approval, anyone whose duties involve purchasing small goods or travel for the College may apply for a College credit card. See one of the following individuals for procedures.

You will need to fill out a cardholder application and get your request approved by your department head and by the officer responsible for your area.

Cardholders are responsible for reviewing statements on the web each month and ensuring that all documentation is attached to printed statements and sent to the financial matters person for your area. For further information, please see the credit card policy.

The College issues separate gas credit cards to those with assigned cars and whenever a vehicle is checked out of the motor pool.

Credit Card Program Fill-In Forms
The following forms may be filled out and printed from your computer using Adobe Acrobat. Please note – Clicking the “Reload” button or the “Go Back” button on your browser will not clear the form. You may use the “Clear Form” button on the form you are using, or the form will be cleared when you exit Adobe Acrobat.

Credit Card Application –
Please obtain department head approval as well as officer approval before you forward the application to Ms. Linda Dasher.

Limit Increase Request Form –
This form is to be used to temporarily or permanently increase a cardholder’s monthly card limit.

Journal Entry Request Form –
This form is to be used to correct the accounting code set in PaymentNet for one credit card transaction. Standard procedure is to correct the coding on PaymentNet by the 20th of each month. If the transaction was made for an organization other than that of the cardholder, a signature of the department head of the Orgn being charged is required.