What’s next, Blue Hose?

Job? Service? Graduate School?

Whatever your next step, we ask that you share your post-graduation plans with Career Development & Student Success so that outcomes may be published in the First Pursuits Report for the Class of 2016!  These findings will be published in aggregate form in early 2017.

All students who completed their bachelor’s degree in August 2015, December 2015 or May 2016 are asked to complete a brief survey using the link below. The survey will be open through November 30, 2016 so you may report your plans any time after they are confirmed!

Resources are available to help you find success in every step of your career pathway – from deciding on a major to landing that first full-time job.

Take advantage of these resources! If you have questions these resources don’t seem to address, set up time to meet with us one-on-one to explore your goals and the pathway to success.

Exploring Majors and Careers

Finding Part-time or Summer Jobs

  • Work-study opportunities
  • Local tutoring opportunities
  • Blue Hose CareerNet – online jobs board
  • Resume assistance
  • Recruitment Fairs: Summer jobs fair to be held January

Professional Development

  • Job Search Workshops: Resume, Cover Letter, Interview Skills, etc. – listed on regular campus-wide announcements
  • Mock Interviews available on request
  • Personal consultations
  • Professional Etiquette training

Graduate School Search

  • In-office resources for test-prep
  • Graduate School Guides available for students in Career Library
  • Collaborate with students to set up study groups as needed
  • Application Review appointments
  • Graduate School Fair each October
    • October 27, 2016 – time and location tbd

Full-time Job Search

  • Resume help
  • Blue Hose CareerNet has a built-in resume builder
  • Personal appointments available
  • Recruitment Fairs:
    • Fall Career Fair for pharmacy and related opportunities – October 14 – time TBA
    • SCICU Consortium Career Connections, Columbia, SC – date TBA
    • SCICU Consortium Teacher Fair – location and spring date TBA
  • On-campus recruitment: watch for announcements for recruiters interviewing or holding information tables
  • Link for Psychology major employer list

Workshops for Classes and Groups

Our staff is trained and available to provide specific workshops to your Student Organization, Residence Hall, or Class. Workshops topics include: resumes, social media, career wardrobe, interview tips, selecting a career path, work/life balance, professional development, personality assessments, job search skills, and more. Contact us to set up your topic-specific workshop.

Summer Opportunities and Links

Congressman Jeff Duncan – asked for potential candidates to contact them through our office; email ldownie@presby.edu for instructions

Student Announcements and Links

Upcoming Recruitment and Career Development Events – Current Announcements

Search Jobs/Build a Resume now on the Blue Hose CareerNet:
Blue Hose Career Net -logo1

Helping Students Help Themselves Preparing for a Fulfilling Career!

Whether you are in your first year at PC or your last, the Career Development and Student Success staff will help you develop a personal career path. Our mission is to help you help yourself! Through assessment, industry exploration, resume critique and more, we offer the resources you’ll need to make informed decisions about your future goals. We also help you to understand the link between your academic studies, your extracurricular involvement, and your professional development.

What does this mean to students and employers? Presbyterian College graduates are ahead of the curve in professional preparedness. The current desire to find T-shaped professionals means that liberal arts graduates are in high demand. We help students capitalize on depth of knowledge in key related areas while building inter-disciplinary skills in collaboration, leadership, and teamwork.

Visit our office: 2nd Floor, Springs Student Center

Kim Lane, Associate Dean of Career Development and Student Success
Lynn Downie, Assistant Director
Contact us – careerservices@presby.edu

*Information provided about an outside resource, program, employer, graduate school, etc. does not signify an endorsement of said information by Presbyterian College or the Career Development and Student Success.