August 1: deadline to identify preliminary placement details to earn academic credit for the FALL semester.

NOTE: All healthcare internships must be set up before leaving campus for summer break.

December 1: deadline to identify preliminary placement details to earn academic credit for the SPRING semester.

NOTE: All healthcare internships must be initiated with our office before Fall break.
  • Registration Forms MUST be completed, signed by all parties, and turned in to the Office of Career Programs by NOON on Drop/Add day each semester.


Do you have the time?

Depending on the internship, the time commitment is different

  • Some employers only require 4 – 6 hours a week
  • Many employers require 8 or more a week
  • Review your class schedule and campus commitments.  Identify the time you have to make your internship experience a productive one


Research Internship opportunities on the Blue Hose CareerNet

  • Go to the Blue Hose CareerNet
  • Follow application instructions on the posting to apply for the internship
    • Most employers require students to be Juniors or Seniors, but Sophomore will be considered
    • Contact Mrs. Lynn Downie  (Email:, Phone: 864-833-8381) with any questions
  • If there isn’t an internship that meets your area of interest, you can work with Career Programs to develop an opportunity
    • Students can recommend placements they have found on their own


A resume may be required to secure an internship placement.  If so, develop or update your resume

  • Go to the Blue Hose CareerNet
  • Review the information and follow the directions
  • The handouts section of this site has information to assist with content
  • Make an appointment to meet with Career Programs to review resume development at any time


Determine if you want to receive academic credit for your Internship

  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 required by PC. Academic departments, &/or employer may require a higher GPA
  • In addition to working with the Coordinator of Career Programs, students will work with a faculty intern advisor.
    • Students should ask a professor to be their intern advisor
    • If for some reason the faculty member asked has other obligations, ask them to suggest someone
  • Credit Hours:
    • 42 – 83 hours of contact equals 1 credit hour
    • 84 – 125 hours of contact equals 2 credit hours
    • 126 + hours of contact equal 3 credit hours
  • Stay in contact with Faculty Intern Advisor and Intern Coordinator
    • Participate in the Internship Seminars
    • Maintain log of hours and complete weekly journals
    • Complete a summary Paper, or Project, or Presentation (Determined with Faculty Intern Advisor)

For the optimal experience, credit, complete Student Internship Registration Form by end of prior semester

  • This form is both an initial syllabus for the student and the college and a registration form to log academic credit
  • Secure form from Office of Career Programs during an Internship Information Session or individual appointment.
  • Review with Coordinator of Career Programs and Faculty Intern Advisor for responsibilities and requirements
  • Complete form. Secure appropriate signatures. Keep a copy and submit original to the Office of Career Programs, who will instruct you about transmitting the form to the Registrar’s Office.