Student Process:

  • Student and academic advisor meet during second semester freshman year to determine best timeline for possible internship(s);
  • Students work with Career Programs to explore career options and learn about ways to incorporate internship(s) into the preparation process:
    • Students in pre-professional programs should anticipate one or more academic internships coupled with professional shadowing or volunteer work within their selected field.
    • Students who are uncertain about possible post-graduation career options may wish to consider several one-credit internships to evaluate best career fit.
    • Students who seek management or sales careers may wish to frontload their academic program to permit flexibility for a six-credit internship during their final semester at Presbyterian College. Solid business experience during summers leading up to the senior year will help develop a competitive resume for this prospect.
  • Students (often with assistance from the Office of Career Programs) apply for and secure internship placement(s) to coincide with the pre-selected academic grading period.
  • Students, academic advisors, and internship coordinator collaborate on the development of the academic plan which complements the workplace experience. This plan is written up as an internship proposal which is submitted for academic registration before the add/drop deadline for the grading period. (For optimum benefits from the internship, anticipate a month or more for completion of this process.)
  • During the internship, meetings take place with the faculty intern advisor and internship focus groups (discussion seminars). Written assignments and various required evaluations are explained in detail on the syllabus for each semester, available at the start of the semester.

Faculty Notes:

  • Career staff is available to meet with classes, advisee groups, department faculty, or individual faculty members to discuss internship program guidelines, goals, and logistics.
  • Internship coordinator is happy to work with you and your student advisees to develop hands-on opportunities which provide strong connection to coursework and career goals of each individual student. As the faculty intern advisor, you are the primary guiding hand in establishing learning objectives which fit the guidelines of your academic department.
  • Campus-wide minimum standards have been set up, but you may wish to have additional minimum guidelines for evaluations, written work, and student interaction during the internship.
  • It is recommended that students begin working with the Office of Career Programs at least one full semester before registering an internship for academic credit. You may have additional prerequisites or expectations before being willing to advise a student intern.

Internships for academic credit are arranged with Office of Career Programs and Student Development, the student, and the applicable academic department.

  • Presbyterian College is one of the only two SC Colleges who are Member Schools for the Washington Semester Program through American University, providing students the opportunity to spend a semester in Washington, DC, while completing a related internship. See their website for complete details. Students wishing to participate in this program should meet with Lynn Downie to learn the application and approval process and deadlines. This is a very competitive process; students who have an interest in the Washington Semester should make an appointment with the Office of Career Programs at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Our office will work with students to explore other semester-away or summer-long options for their internship experience. Such programs include the Disney College program, the Mayo Clinic summer research program, NASA’s internship program (year-round), or other similar programs.

*PC does not offer a Co-op program. Students in Education Majors may complete practicums and student teaching for their experiential component.

Contact Lynn Downie, Assistant Director of Career Programs at for internship details

High Profile and National Internship Links


Smithsonian internships – year round

Mayo Clinic summer internships – summer

Southwest No Limits internships – year round

Disney College program – fall and spring

Sea World internships – summer

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