PC Against Violence Against Women (PC-V) is a part of an international effort called V-Day, a month-long event to raise awareness and support for ending domestic violence. Here at PC, SVS also supports the Lauren’s County Safe Home, a place where female victims of domestic violence go with their children to get away from an abusive partner. By providing 24-hour services, the Lauren’s County Safe Home helps victims of domestic violence get back on their feet and continue a healthier life style.

While the main dedication month for the Laurens County Safe Home is February, PC-V supports the Safe Home by visiting or spreading the word to gain more support. “As coordinators we strive to bring awareness to the campus on the abuse of women and children whether that is physical or verbal,” says student coordinator Allyson Hollis. “In the past we have helped the children at the Safe Home decorate Christmas ornaments. In the month of February we host the Vagina Monologues which are all based on true stories from women who have been victims of domestic violence. There are also speakers that come in from the Safe Home to speak as well as hosting a self-defense class for women on campus.”

The key goal for the Laurens County Safe Home team here at PC is to raise awareness surrounding the danger of domestic violence. For students seeking to help this organization, Hollis says, “You never know who is a victim of domestic violence. I would encourage you to be that voice for those who are too afraid to speak out!”

For more information, please contact one of PC-V’s coordinators:

Naya Martin ncmartin@presby.edu
Maggie Bennight mrbennigh@presby.edu