Student Health Services are provided in partnership with the Family Healthcare Clinton.

On-Campus Location

120 East Calhoun Street in the Student Counseling and Health Center


Monday-Friday 11:00 am – 1:30 pm
Call 864.833.5986 or 864.833.8400 to schedule an appointment

Health Services are provided on campus by a nurse practitioner from the Family Healthcare Clinton. Please note that CIGNA  will not cover charges for a nurse practitioner. Students with this insurance company will have to go the main office to be seen by a doctor if you want your insurance to cover office visits. The Family Healthcare Clinton is located at 22580 Highway 76 E in Laurens.

If you need non-emergency medical attention before 11:00 am or after 1:30 pm, please contact the Family Healthcare Clinton at 864.833.5986 or 864.833.8400.

For other non-emergencies after hours or on weekends, there is an Express Medical Care in the same building as the Family Healthcare Clinton. Their address is 22580 Highway 76 E in Laurens and their phone number is 864.939.1070.

Laurens County Memorial Hospital is the closest hospital for emergencies.