Campus Life Staff

Campus Life and Dean of Students
Dr. Joy Smith, Vice President for Campus Life & Dean of Students, 864.833.8378
Ms. Debby Young, Senior Administrative Assistant, 864.833.8378

Campus Police
Mr. Larry Mulhall, Director of Safety & Risk Management/Campus Police, 864.833.8300
Ms. Desiree Shealy, Assistant Director of Campus Police, 864.833.8301
Ms. Linda Putnam, Administrative Assistant, 864.833.8301
Sgt. Jon Baker, Campus Police Officer
SSgt. Lewis Gambrell, Campus Police Officer
Sgt. Richard Marbert, Campus Police Officer
SSgt. Billy Snow, Campus Police Officer
Mr. J.R. Ward, Campus Police Officer
Mr. Mark Thompson, Fire Safety

Religious Life and Service
Rev. Rachel Parsons-Wells, Director of Religious Life and Service, 864.833.7000
Ms. Susanne McCarley, Administrative Assistant, 864.833.8476

Residence Life
Mr. Andrew Peterson, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life, 864.833.8486
Ms. Katie Fester, Assistant Director of Residence Life, 864.833.8485
Mr. Chad Hickman, Assistant Director of Residence Life, 864.833.8276
Ms. Jerry Bron, Administrative Assistant, 864.833.8277

Student Development
Vacant, Dean of Student Development, 864.833.8379
Ms. Jill Mechling, Administrative Assistant for Student Development/Counseling and Wellness, 864.833.8263

Career Programs and Student Transitions
Ms. Heather Rush, Director of Career Programs & Student Transitions, 864.833.8380
Ms. Lynn Downie, Assistant Director of Career Programs & Internships, 864.833.8381

Counseling and Wellness/Health Center
Ms. Susan Gentry Teasley, Director of Counseling & Wellness, 864.833.8100
Ms. Jackie Waldron, Nurse Pracitioner, Heath Center (Family Healthcare affiliate), 864.833.8400

Student Involvement
Mr. Daniel Adams, Director for Student Involvement, 864.833.8013
Ms. Annalise Sinclair, Assistant Director for Student Involvement and Greek Life, 864.833.8554
Ms. Lashawna Wright, Assistant Director for Student Involvement and Multicultural Programs, 864.833.8484

Campus Life Organization Chart

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