Springs Fitness Center Policies

All users of the Springs Fitness Center must scan their ID for entry. Only Springs students, faculty, staff, their spouses, and of-age legal dependents have access to the fitness center.

Proper attire allows for range of motion and reduces excessive wear on the equipment. Jeans and sandals are not appropriate in the Springs Fitness Center.

Guest policy
All guests must be accompanied by their PC host. All guests are required to sign in with their hosts upon entry to the facilities.

Because of the design of the equipment, no one under the age of 17 is allowed in the fitness center.

Additional policies include:

  • ID authorization is required to enter the Springs Fitness Center. Falsification of your identity is a serious act of misconduct and subject to a hearing by a college judicial officer.
  • Proper attire required (shirt and athletic shoes) for all persons using the facility. Denim jeans, sandals, flip-flops, and/or open-end shoes are not allowed. Shirts are required. To avoid rips and tears to the upholstery, belts should not be worn when sitting or lying on equipment.
  • Collars/clips are required on all bar bells.
  • Weights and dumbbells are not to be placed on benches.
  • At full capacity there is a 30-minute time limit on cardio equipment. Equipment is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Free weight equipment must remain in the free weight area. Weights should not be rested against walls or against the equipment. All plates and dumbbells should be returned to their designated positions labeled on the racks and weight trees.
  • Patrons are to wipe off control panels, seats, pads, and railings after use.
  • Food and tobacco are not allowed in Springs Fitness Center.
  • Individuals under the age of 17 years are not allowed in the Springs Fitness Center.
  • Proper use of the equipment is paramount. Equipment is to be used in the way in which it is intended.
  • For safety, always use a spotter. Lift within your capabilities. Offer to spot unaccompanied lifters.

As a courtesy to others, do not rest on equipment. Please let people who are waiting work through between multiple sets.

*Although exercise programs are self-directed, the staff reserves the right to modify any programs or procedures which may result in personal injury or damage to the equipment.

Those who violate these rules will be asked to leave. Proper use of the Springs Fitness Center will help facilitate everyone’s opportunity to have a safe and productive workout. Failure to comply with these guidelines and policies may result in loss of privileges.

The Springs Fitness Center expects all patrons to behave appropriately. Inappropriate behavior such as foul language, fighting, dangerous play, dangerous acts, misuse of equipment, failure to cooperate with others using the equipment, or harassment in any form against others is unacceptable and may result in action by the Springs Fitness Center, including but not limited to being required to leave the premises or termination of membership.

The Springs Fitness Center reserves the right to suspend facility use for breach of the rules or conduct which, in the opinion of the Springs Fitness Center staff, is damaging to the character or interests of Presbyterian College.