Student Conduct Board Application

Student Conduct Board Application

Please complete the following application. Applications are due by 5:00 pm on April 16, 2014. The SCB co-chairs will review the applications and contact applicants for interviews. Interviews will take place the week before finals.
  • Explanation of the Student Conduct Board at PC

    Student Conduct Board members at Presbyterian College play an integral role in educating their peers about their responsibilities as members of the PC community, upholding community behavioral standards, and implementing the Code of Responsibility. The responsibilities of Student Conduct Board members are as follows:
    • Uphold the College’s community standards as defined by the Code of Responsibility
    • Honor the principles of confidentiality, and objectivity
    • Share in the task of making challenging and difficult decisions that support the ethical and behavioral standards of the PC community
    • Be able to look at issues objectively in order to establish accountability and maintain campus standards
  • Please address the following questions:

  • Forms of Support

    For your application to be considered complete, each candidate must have a form of support filled out by a professor, faculty or staff member. A link to the form of support can be found at on the Student Conduct Board application page. You can also send the following link to the person completing your letter. The letter is to be completed online:

    Please send the link to the individual you wish to complete the form. The Form of Support is to be completed and submitted online.