To make an Announcement, click HERE.

This form should be utilized by any undergraduate or graduate student organization, College department, or individual member of campus wishing to request that an announcement be made that the campus as a whole would need to be informed. Please do not submit announcements about registered events, as these will be sent to the campus via the weekly PC at a Glance emails. All submissions will be reviewed for inclusion in weekly emails sent on Tuesdays. All announcements must be in by Friday to be included on Tuesday email to campus. Contact Jonathan Hooks in the Marketing Office with questions

To Register an Event, click HERE.

The Event Registration Form is to be utilized by all students, faculty, and staff who would like to host an event on or off campus. All registered campus events will be reviewed, then included on the all-campus calendar and in the weekly events emails if relevant. This form must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the event date. Event coordinators are reminded that organizers and attendees are required to comply with all Presbyterian College policies and procedures as stated in the Honor Code and the Garnet Book. In addition, all Federal, State, and Local Laws and any individual organizational policies and procedures must be obeyed. If you have any questions, please contact Annalise Sinclair at and copy Daniel Adams at

For the Social Events Risk Management Plan, click HERE.

The Social Events Risk Management Plan is to be utilized by only undergraduate student organizations whose event (involving alcohol) has been approved. This form must be submitted AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the start of the event.

To Reserve a Table in Springs Campus Center, click HERE.

This form is to be utilized by students, faculty, and staff wishing to reserve a table or tables in the lobby of Springs Campus Center. All This form must be submitted 7 days prior to the requested event date.

For the Movie Rights Request Form, click HERE.

The Movie Rights Request Form is to be utilized by undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty members, and staff members wishing to show a movie on campus. This form must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the event. For information on why this is so important, click HERE.

For the Fraternity House Project Request Form, click HERE.

The Fraternity House Request Form is to be utilized by fraternities wishing to hold a work day(s) and perform projects on the fraternity house, as well as fraternities wishing to request projects to be completed by an outside source other than fraternity members. This form must be submitted for approval 30 days prior to the requested work date(s).