The Scotsman

Scotsman-2015PC’s former Scotsman Martin Pruitt explains,

The Blue Hose is more than just a Scottish warrior. He is a Scotsman.

This means that he is a Scottish Warrior Poet, courtly enough to dine with nobles, charming enough to turn the head of any lady, and fierce enough to turn the tail of any Englishman.

2015-2016 Scotsman Application – Due on Friday, April 10 by 5pm

The Scotsman serves as the “face of the College,” and is responsible for encouraging and promoting Blue Pride everyday both on and off-campus. The Scotsman is a proud Blue Hose.

Criteria for the Scotsman include:

  • must be an undergraduate student in good standing at Presbyterian College
  • must have a 2.0 or above cumulative grade point average at the time of submitting the application and must maintain a 2.0 or above grade point average to continue in the position
  • must be willing to participate in all pre-game and game day activities for every home football game as well as other events per request
  • must be physically fit enough to run in front of the football team for 90 yards and climb a large boulder while wielding a sword
  • must learn to wrap and wear the official Presbyterian College tartan as well as how to paint your face (this will be the uniform for the Scotsman; uniform and supplies related to all appearances will be provided)
  • must assist in developing Presbyterian College traditions surrounding the Scotsman
  • must maintain a positive sense of Blue Pride at all times


  • $75 for home football game day participation
  • $35 for other appearances (with prior approval through Campus Life or Athletics)
  • Uniform and supplies related to appearances will be provided

For more information, please contact