Biochemistry Major

Students majoring in biochemistry will develop a focused understanding of biological processes on a fundamental molecular scale. The major is designed to provide a solid foundation for students preparing for graduate studies in biochemical sciences such as biochemistry, molecular biology, immunochemistry, and toxicology; professional careers in biochemical industries; and allied health studies such as medical school, dental school, and pharmacy school. Majors in biochemistry will be awarded the Bachelor of Science degree.

Course Requirements

Students who major in biochemistry must complete 66 to 70 hours, including BIOL 105-105L, 112-112L, and 334; BCHE 307-307L and 308; CHEM 101-101L, 102-102L, 221-221L, 222-222L, 311, 380, 401-401L, and 450; zero to two hours of BIOL or CHEM 390, 440, 444*, or 448; MATH 201 and 202; PHYS 1500 and 1510; and six to eight hours (two courses, with at least one from BIOL) chosen from BIOL 209, 304, 306, 311-311L, 312, 318, 458; CHEM 312, 332, 342, 345, 352, 402-402L**, or 458.


  • All students should take BIOL 112-112L. If a student has taken the general biology sequence 105-105L and 106-106L from PC, or its equivalent at another school, before declaring the biochemistry major, s/he must pass a qualifying examination given by the biology department.
  • A grade of “C” or higher in BIOL 105-105L or its approved equivalent course is required to enroll in BIOL 112-112L.
  • A grade of “C” or higher in BIOL 112-112L or its approved equivalent is required to enroll in any upper division biology course.
  • * Internship requires unanimous departmental approval.
  • ** Students planning on attending graduate school in biochemistry or chemistry should take CHEM 402-402L.