Chemistry Major

The chemistry major offers a dynamic curriculum with an emphasis on hands-on experiential learning.

Chemistry majors are required to complete two semesters of each of the following courses: general chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry as well as two electives within the fields of spectroscopy, advanced organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, forensic science, chemistry and art, and biochemistry.  In addition, all majors will develop and carry out their own research project.  Along the way, students will gain the knowledge and experience needed to excel in the workplace and in the pursuit of an advanced degree.

Requirements for the Major in Chemistry

    The major in chemistry consists of 55 to 58 hours, including CHEM 101-101L, 102-102L, 221-221L, 222-222L, 311, 312, 380, 401-401L, 402-402L, and 450; seven hours chosen from BCHE 307-307L***, BCHE 308***, CHEM 322-322L, CHEM 332, CHEM 342, CHEM 345, CHEM 352, or CHEM 458; zero to three hours in research** from CHEM 398, 440, 444*, or 448; MATH 201 and 202; and PHYS 1500 and 1510.

      All students must complete the American Chemical Society General Chemistry Exam with a grade of 60 percent or higher to receive credit for Chemistry 102.

      * CHEM 444 must be a departmentally approved research internship.
      ** Students enrolling in less than three hours of research (and accumulating less than
      58 hours of major requirements) must take CHEM 440.
      *** Only one semester of biochemistry may count toward the major.


    Math 302, Biology 111-112; additional chemistry, physics, and mathematics courses to suit individual goals. Chemistry 307-307L and 308-308L are especially recommended for pre-medical and pre-pharmacy students.