Chinese Corner: Chinese Dancing and Radio Calisthenics

It was an eventful Thursday evening at CIH on November 21st, 2013, with it being the last Chinese Corner of the semester. This week’s theme was Chinese traditional dancing and radio calisthenics.


The night begun with presentations on a brief history of traditional dances of China and characteristics about each. The agenda involved the learning of four traditional Chinese dances. These were a traditional Tibet Dance from the Tibet province, a Peacock Dance from Southern China, a Drum Dance from Central China, and a Xinjiang dance from the Xinjiang province.


After the presentations on each, videos and demonstrations were shown for each dance as well. The students danced the Peacock Dance first which required parts for the men to do a sequence of moves resembling those of a male peacock. They caught on quickly and had fun doing so.


The next dance that was preformed was the Drum Dance from Central China that required the women to do a number of exciting moves. In the traditional dance drums are required for this dance but the lack of drums didn’t ruin the fun. They were still able to dance the wild and crazy moves that this dance required and had a great time doing so.


The final dance of the night was the Xinjiang traditional dance that Bin Li demonstrated and preformed herself. In this dance the women where traditional Chinese costumes native to this area and preform an energizing dance that circles the men who are on one knee preforming their own moves. It was the finale of the night that required the men and women to sequence their dance moves together. Everyone did exceptionally well for their first time learning these dances.


Afterwards the second half of the Chinese Corner took place which was the radio calisthenics. Radio Calisthenics are a daily routine for Chinese students K-12 in all parts of China. Each student does it during the same period of time as the other students across the country and is very unifying. This activity begins with the students massaging their eyes before doing the exercises. Then the students file out of the building and partake in a series of exercises. It is an event that happens every day in order to maintain health and fitness. The students that attended Chinese Corner got the amazing opportunity to try this last night!


Overall the night was fun and eventful, full of exercises for students to participate in. Not only did they learn some more about Chinese culture but had fun and got physical exercise while doing so. The students all did a great job learning these dances and picking them up so fast. It was an excellent Chinese Corner to end a semester full of fantastic Chinese Corners!