Chinese Corner: Tai Chi Performance and Kite Flying

Last Thursday, April 10th, was one of the largest turn-outs for a Chinese Corner we’ve ever had. Students filed out to the intramural fields to watch a tai chi performance and to fly kites.

The students from Dr. Jin’s tai chi class put on a great tai chi performance that they have been working towards all semester. The performance consisted of over twenty different stances and was executed perfectly. John Turnbull even had his own solo performance!



After the performance students headed away from the basketball courts to the intramural fields to fly Chinese kites. Even though it wasn’t too windy and it was hard to get started, after a while some students had their kites extremely high. We had kites of all different sizes for the students to use, allowing some students to use smaller one while others tried to master the much larger ones.


Overall it was a very successful Chinese Corner that incorporated new types of Chinese culture that haven’t been seen so far this school year. The students were thoroughly entertained by the kites and the great tai chi performance. The Confucius Institute would like to thank the tai chi class for their performance and all those that came out to participate in the Chinese Corner! We hope to see you all there next time!