Chinese New Year at Laurens Academy

Despite it being a rainy Friday, February 21st, 2014, the Confucius Institute Staff visited Laurens Academy bringing exciting Chinese New Year celebrations along with them. Students ranging from elementary school to high schoolers attended, what was for most of them, their first Chinese culture experience.


                Dr. Jin gave a speech/lecture on the festivities of the Chinese New Year. Going in depth on the kid’s experience and the presents they receive, money, clothing, etc. She taught them how to say the different zodiac animals in Chinese and how to recognize different types of Chinese currency. They also learned many other Chinese New Year traditions and customs.


                It was another great chance to further the Confucius Institute’s impact in the community, bringing the knowledge and customs of Chinese culture to Laurens Academy. In was an honor to be the first, in many cases, to introduce them to Chinese culture, Chinese New Year specifically.