Dumpling Party

On Friday, January 31st, 2014, from 6:30-7:30, the Confucius Institute held one of their, if not the most, significant Chinese Corner of the Spring semester in honor of the most significant holiday in China, the Chinese New Year!


Those at the Confucius Institute spent the entire day, from 12p.m. until the Dumpling Party, making enough Dumplings. They made over a hundred fresh dumplings. Then together, they set up the kitchen in several stations so that the students could have a chance to learn each step of the dumpling-making process.



Once the students arrived the party began and each teacher worked a station and assisted the students in making the dumplings, some with cabbage and pork and others with green onions and pork. Once area showed how to form the dough correctly, while another showed how to stuff the dumplings, and another showed how to roll them, covering every step of the process. Together the students made more than their own fair share of dumplings!


After the dumplings were finished and ready to be cooked we put them in the oven until they were ready. Once they were ready was when the best part began; when we could finally eat the ones we made!


DSC_0866 DSC_0865

It was a great way to celebrate the Chinese New Year for those at the Confucius Institute who were at a home away from home. And especially a great way to celebrate the Chinese New Year for the students who themselves got a chance to further enrich their knowledge about Chinese culture and eat delicious dumplings!