News and Events

Chinese Corner: Costume Party

Student Letters from Confucius Institute Day

Chinese Corner: Chinese Paper Cutting

Confucius Institute Day Celebrations

Chinese Corner: Tea Ceremony

2014 Confucius Institute Scholarship Winners

CI Faculty Delivered Chinese Lectures To High School Campers

Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College gave lectures to students from Newberry Elementary School

PCCI Opened to Elementary Students from Laurens School District 55

Chinese Corner: Tai Chi Performance and Kite Flying

Chinese Corner: Karaoke

Sandra Wright Performance

Chinese Corner: Sticky Rice Party

Chinese Corner: Chinese Movie Night

Chinese New Year at Laurens Academy

The Fifth Palmetto Chinese Star Contest

Presbyterian Home Chinese New Year

Annual Chinese New Year Reception

Chinese Corner: Dumpling Party!

Chinese Corner: Chinese Games

Chinese Corner: Chinese Dancing and Radio Calisthenics (

Chinese Corner: Chinese Songs

Chinese Corner: The Giant Panda


Presbyterian College Confucius Institute Presented Chinese Culture at Spartanburg International Festival

First Chinese Language Day Held At Presbyterian College Confucius Institute

Moon Festival Activities Held by Presbyterian College Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute Held “Chinese Games Night” Event

Chinese Learners won prizes in the 1st “Confucius Institute Cup” International Composition Competition

Chinese Course Featured Summer Camp

My Experience in China

Chinese Chess

Chinese Game Night

A PC Chinese STAR!

Guizhou University Delegation Visits PC

Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College Attends 2012 Clinton Fall Festival