Internal Messaging

PC Campus News (email) and PC Memo (Web coming soon) are Presbyterian College’s official internal communications services.

Items distributed include brief news items, announcements about college-sponsored or related activities/events, college policies and other important information for faculty, staff and students.

Review the information below before submitting your request.


Submissions must contain official announcements regarding college-related business and information only.

Messages will only be accepted from college departments or official college-sanctioned organizations.

Solicitations of employment, membership or petition signatures are prohibited.

Political statements, editorials or other statements of opinion are prohibited.

Students seeking to submit items must do so through a faculty/staff advisor, sponsor or supervisor.

Distribution of Messages

For email distribution, PC Campus News is sent each week day morning.

An overview (Week at a Glance)  is sent Sunday evening.

All announcements will be edited for brevity and clarity, approved, prioritized and distributed.

Instructions for Submitting an Announcement

  • The Calendar Request and Email Announcement Request Form is to be utilized by undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty members, and staff members of Presbyterian College wishing to add an event to the Master Calendar and the daily emails. To have announcements listed in the daily emails, please submit this form at least five (5) days prior to the date you would like the news announced. Please make sure that other appropriate forms (i.e. Springs Campus Center Table Request Form and the Event Registration Form) have been submitted and approved prior to this form, if needed. If you have any questions concerning the Master Calendar, please contact Harriett-Graham Courtney at If you have any questions concerning the daily emails, please email