Secondary Education Course Descriptions

EDUC ● Education

201 Introduction to Education (3)
Extensive treatment of the social, political, economic, and philosophical influences that have shaped American education will be covered in this course.

350 Literacy Technology and Instruction (3)
(PR: Acceptance into Teacher Education Program) This course is designed to assist teacher candidates with the necessary skills to develop instructional practices that will allow them to incorporate technologies successfully into their classrooms. Projects might include web pages, web quests, computer based grade books, newsletters, book making, etc.

371 Meeting the Needs of All Learners: Exceptional and Diverse (3)
An examination of current research and practices related to diverse student populations to include race, ethnicity, language, gender, exceptionalities, socio-economic status and cultural differences. Emphasis is placed on factors that influence learning, instructional strategies, assessment and interventions.

391, 392, 393 Practicum (1, 1, 1)
(PR: Acceptance into Teacher Education Program; grade of “C” or higher in each practicum course ● XL: EDEC 391, 392 and 393 and MUSC 3402, 3404 and 3406) The three practicum experiences comprise the fieldwork component of the Teacher Education Program. Fieldwork totals over 100 hours and is conducted in school settings. Seminars include EEDA, culturally responsive teaching, service learning, health, safety, and legal issues, assessment, etc.

EDSD ● Secondary Education

301 Principles and Philosophies of Education (3)
(PR: Acceptance into Teacher Education Program) Analysis of the organizational structure, curriculum development, and social influences that shape American “secondary” education as they affect the classroom teacher.

302 Methods and Materials of High School Teaching (3)
(PR: Acceptance into Teacher Education Program) Limited to those students seeking the professional teaching certificate. A consideration of current theories, methods, and materials of secondary school instruction including the development of instructional practices and materials appropriate for the secondary school and familiarization with curriculum materials. Activities and topics are individualized according to the teaching programs of those enrolled. A minimum grade of “C” is required.

394 Practicum in Classroom Management and Organization (1)
(PR: EDUC/EDEC 392 ● XL: EDEC, EDMS and EDEL 394) This practicum in classroom management and organization provides for direct involvement in the school and classroom setting during the week of preplanning and the first week of school. Students study the school context; learn effective procedures necessary for the establishing, managing, and organizing of a classroom; and participate in opening school experiences.

398 Honors Research (3-6)
(PR: Acceptance into Teacher Education Program) See Catalog.

400 Observation/Assessment; 401 Planning; and 402 Teaching: Directed Teaching In Secondary School Education (3, 3, 6)
(PR: Acceptance into Teacher Education Program; SR status and successful completion of all requirements for clinical practice ● XL: MUSC 4411, 4412 and 4413) A program of supervised observation and teaching in cooperation with selected secondary schools in which opportunities are provided for the student to practice the skills of teaching. A minimum grade of “C” is required to receive the College’s recommendation for certification.

403 Reading in the Secondary School (3)
(PR: Acceptance into Teacher Education Program) Required for certification in all secondary areas. Emphasis placed on methods and techniques that teachers can use to teach reading in the content area.

442 Directed Studies (1-6)
(PR: JR or SR status; departmental majors and students in teacher certification programs only; minimum GPA 2.6) Designed to allow the student to pursue a topic of special interest. See Catalog.

444 Internships (1-6)
(PR: minimum GPA 2.6) See Catalog.

446 Readings (1-6)
See Catalog.

448 Research (1-6)
(PR: departmental majors and students in teacher certification programs; minimum GPA 2.6) See Catalog.

450 Seminar (3)
See Catalog.

452 Special Projects (1-6)
See Catalog.

458 Special Topics (1-6)
See Catalog.

CO = Co-requisite ● POI = Permission of Instructor ● PR = Prerequisite ● RE = Recommended ● XL = Cross-listed