Secondary Education

Secondary Education

Secondary Education (EDSD) is a field-oriented program designed to prepare you to teach students in grades 9 through 12.*

As a student seeking teacher certification in high school teaching, you may begin taking some of your courses in your sophomore year (see suggested sequence of courses). However, the majority of your courses will be completed in your junior and senior years, with student teaching in the final semester of your senior year.

The courses are structured so that you work with a cohort of peers throughout your program. In this way, you have the opportunity to observe, practice, discuss, and reflect on the knowledge and methods you are learning in your courses.

We hope you consider this valuable and rewarding career in education. For more information, please contact Dr. Julia Wilkins at

*Graduates of this program may also be eligible for a second certification in middle level education (grades 5-8) with the addition of EDMS 341.

Requirements for Secondary Education Certification

In order to teach in a secondary school setting, a student will major in the teaching area of interest (i.e., science, English, history, or mathematics) and will minor in secondary education. Students seeking the minor and Certification in Secondary Education must complete thirty-seven hours, including EDSD 301, 302, 394, 400, 401, 402, and 403; EDUC 201, 350, 371, 391, 392, and 393; and PSYC 213.

Students who wish to be certified to teach social studies in the high-school setting must meet the requirements for the major in history.

Students who wish to be certified to teach science in the high school setting must meet the requirements for the major in biology.

Course Sequence and Major Cards: