Film Studies Minor

Professors: G. Terry Barr, Mark R. Cox, Chad W. Helms (Director), and H. Dean Thompson
Associate Professor: Clinia M. Saffi

Requirements for the Minor in Film Studies:

The minor in film studies consists of 18 hours, including ENGL 2208/FILM 210 and 15 additional hours chosen from ENGL3510/FILM 320, ENGL 3500/FILM 323, ENGL 3511/FILM 327, ENGL 3520/FILM 341; FILM/PHIL 335; FREN 322; HIST 3640, 3641; LAST/SPAN 318, 350; MDST 230; or SPAN 324.

210 Introduction to World Cinema (3)

(XL: ENGL 210) A survey of the important genres, theories, techniques, and international movements of film history. Representative films from the silent era to the present, and from America to Europe and Asia, will be covered. (Alternate years)

320 Silent Film (3)

PR: ENGL 110, 111, and POI • XL: ENGL 320) A survey of film’s formative years, from the Edison kinetoscopes of the 1890s to the international flowering of the 1920s, focusing on thematic trends, development of genres, and increasing complexity of film grammar. Directors whose works we will study will include Griffith, Eisenstein, Vidor, Lang, Chaplin, Murnau, Gance, and von Sternberg. (Alternate years)

322 Introduction to French Cinema (3)

(PR: FREN 202 or POI• XL: FREN 322) A survey of the history of French cinema from the silent era to the present day. Important genres, theories, and techniques from all periods will be covered. Emphasis will be placed on the most representative French cinematographic schools and auteurs throughout history, including Truffaut and the nouvelle vague and Malle and the cinéma engagé.

323 Film and American Culture (3)

(PR: ENGL 110 and 111 • XL: ENGL 323) A study of the way in which social, political, economic, and cultural forces in America have influenced or been depicted by or in American film. Selected directors whose films will be viewed include Griffith, Chaplin, Hitchcock, Altman, Levinson, Tarantino, and others. Only one course 211 or 323 may count toward the major. (Alternate years)

327 Film Noir (3)

(PR: ENGL 110, 111, and POI • XL: ENGL 327) A survey of the classic era (1941-1958) of Film Noir, examining the literary and cinematic influences, visual style, and psychological and gender issues present in the Noir canon. We will also examine the resurgence of Noir during the decades on either side of the Millennium.

341 Postcolonial Literature and Film (3)

(PR:ENGL 110 and 111; XL: ENGL 341) This course focuses on regions of the world that, in the mid-20th century, gained political independence after years of colonial rule (Southeast Asia, Africa, the Caribbean) and explores the rich hybridity of the literature and cinema they have produced in the past half-century. Questions raised by globalization, transnationality, and diasporic identity will also be addressed. (Alternate years)

442 Directed Studies (1-6) See Catalog.

444 Internships (1-6) See Catalog.

446 Readings (1-9) See Catalog.

448 Research (1-9) See Catalog.

450 Seminar (1-9) See Catalog.

452 Special Projects (1-9) See Catalog.

458 Special Topics (1-6) See Catalog.