Media Studies Minor

Professors: Mark R. Anderson, G. Terry Barr, J. Justin Brent (Director),
Chad W. Helms, Samuel L. Howell, Booker T. Ingram, Jr., Jody W. Lipford, Ralph H. Paquin, Lesley J. Preston, Jerry K. Slice, Suzanne J. Smith, and
H. Dean Thompson.

Associate Professors: Jerry J. Alexander, M. Paige Meeker, Norman M. Scarborough, Robert E. Stutts, and James J. Thompson

Assistant Professors: Emily L. Taylor and J. Tobin Turner

Requirements for the Minor in Media Studies with Business Concentration
The minor in media studies with the business concentration requires completion of twenty-one to twenty-four hours, including ACCT 203; BADM 307 and 353; ECON 201; MDST 230; an internship of three to six hours (MDST 444); and three hours selected from BADM 325, or SPCH 201.

Requirements for the Minor in Media Studies with Journalism and Communications Concentration
The minor in media studies with the journalism concentration requires completion of eighteen to nineteen hours chosen from one of two options:

On-Campus Option:
MDST 230 and MDST 444 for a minimum of 3 semester hours; three hours of writing electives chosen from CRWR 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400, 4000; three to four hours of foundations electives chosen from ART 230, 240,260, BADM 307, BADM/PHIL 316, CSC 1231-1231L, 307, 320, ENGL 213, 219, STAT 319, SPCH 201, or THEA 1200; three hours of theory electives chosen from ENGL 208, PHIL 203, 205, 314, 316, PLSC 312, or WGST 225; and three hours of film electives chosen from ENGL/FILM 210, 320, 323, 327, or FILM/FREN 322.

Washington, DC Option:
MDST 230 and fifteen to sixteen hours of journalism taken with the Washington Semester Program. (See the Associate Dean of Career Services and Student Programs or the English Department for information on the Washington Semester Program.)