Student Achievements

Below are some of the awards and activities of our students:

Two English majors were awarded PC Summer Fellowships for 2012:

  • Grace Aldridge will work with Dr. Simpson on a project titled ”The Construction of the Literary Heroine in the Works of Jane Austen.”
  • Sarah Bumgarner will work with Dr. Spatta on a psychology project titled “Parenting Style, Attachment Style and Behavioral Conduct in Adolescents”

Also, four English minors were awarded Summer Fellowships:

  • Drew Brandel will research “Academic Self-Conduct, School Performance, and Global Self-Worth in Adolescents” under Dr. Askew’s guidance
  • Det Cullum’s psychology project is titled “Learned Avoidance in the Male Syrian Hamster”; he also worked with Dr. Askew
  • Lindsay Rutledge’s project is titled “Phenotypic Response to A. avenae Infection in a Maize Population”; her project adviser is Dr. Gordon
  • Katie Wilson and Allison Karabinos will work on a project in biology, “Characterization and Analysis of the Microbial Community of Maize,” with Dr. Gordon

At Honors Day in April 2012, many English majors and minors were recognized for their academic work or service:

  • Rachel Genrich (major) was announced as the 2012 Outstanding Senior in English.
  • Cameron Cook (major) was named the inaugural Outstanding Senior in Creative Writing.
  • John Mark Elliott (major) won the Outstanding Senior Award.
  • Majors Zach Sprouse and Amanda Sutker won American Legion Awards. Amanda also was named the Outstanding Senior in International Studies and won the College’s 2012 Creative Writing Award for a collection of her travel writing about India.
  • Lacy Feigh (minor) won the Jack and Jane Presseau Community Service Award and the Joseph O. Nixon Leadership Award. She was also named Outstanding Senior for both History and Political Science.
  • Natalie Heath (major) was named the Outstanding Senior in Theatre.
  • Allen Butt (major) was named the Outstanding Senior in Modern Foreign Languages.
  • Tripp Spradley (major) was named the Outstanding Senior in Southern Studies.
  • Majors Kayla Yerden and Lee Lancaster were awarded the Bunnelle Scholarship.
  • Mary Auburn Shuler won the 2011-2012 Norvell-Fry scholarship.
  • Several of our majors and minors won Academic Excellence Awards: Allen Butt, John Mark Elliott, Lacy Feigh, Erin Fish, Rachel Genrich, Tripp Spradley, and Amanda Sutker.
  • Minor Mary Alice Reed was recognized for scoring in the 98% percentile on the Educational Testing Service Proficiency Profile, which measures general education skills such as critical thinking, reading, writing, and mathematics.

Allen Butt (major) and Patrick Kennedy (minor) won prestigious scholarships to study abroad. Allen received a grant from the Fulbright Program to participate in the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program in Germany for a year after his graduation in May 2012. Patrick received the Juan Manuel Sampere Scholarship awarded by Sigma Delta Pi, the national collegiate Hispanic honor society; for a month in summer 2012, Patrick will travel to Cuenca, Ecuador, for intensive Spanish study at the Estudio Internacional Sampere.

An English major and two minors took part in the Big South Undergraduate Research Symposium conference, held at Winthrop University in April 2012. Major Cameron Cook read his short story “Moans Like Sirens.” The two minors, both Psychology majors, presented their research: Kristin Calandra‘s project was titled ”Self-Perceived Peer Social Competence and Attachment During Adolescence,” and Drew Brandel examined “Global Self-Worth and Academic Performance in Adolescents.”

In March 2012, the first of major Cameron Cook‘s regular film-review columns appeared in the online THIS Literary Magazine; he’s also become the film-review editor for THIS.  That same month, his short story, “Moans Like Sirens,” was published in the print anthology Shaking One, which features fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

Each year, PC students perform Eve Ensler’s play The Vagina Monologues as part of the PC-V series of events designed to raise awareness about domestic violence (the proceeds of the Monologues go to the Laurens County SAFE Home). In February 2012, several English majors and minors were involved. English major Natalie Heath directed the production, which featured performances by English majors Sarah Beth AndersonEmily AshleyKathleen LifseyMeg McGill, and Amanda Sutker; and English minors Kristin CalandraLacy Feigh, and Mary Alice Reed.

On 17 January 2012, Sterling Ivey (major) and Lacy Feigh (minor) were among the first PC students to receive the Martin Luther King Drum Major for Service Award, given to “volunteers who perform extraordinary everyday acts of service with reliability and commitment, but who seldom receive recognition.” The recipients each logged in at least 250 hours of volunteer service.

In Spring 2012, several of our majors & minors are studying abroad or away: Sam Disharoon (minor) at Pädagogische Hochschule in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany; Tommy Geene (minor) at Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey; Mary Ellis Glymph (major) at University College Cork in Ireland (read her blog here); Michael Hanna (minor) and Alex Rumer (major) at Roehampton Univeristy in London, England; Carey Mears (major) at University Pablo de Olavid  in Sevilla, Spain (read her hilarious blog here); Ana Milojkovic (major) at University of Wales in Carmarthen, Wales; Paige Nettles (major) at Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy; and Anna Rosenzweig (major) and Abi Thompson (major) at St. Mary’s University College in London, England.

At Honors Day in April 2011, several English majors and minors were recognized for their work:

  • Christine Mahoney (major) was announced as the 2011 Outstanding Senior in English.
  • Cameron Cook (major) won the College’s 2011  Creative Writing Award for one of his short stories. Also, Cameron was awarded the 2011-2012 Norvell-Fry scholarship.
  • Shelley Whitehead (major) won the Jack and Jane Presseau Community Service Award.
  • Lacy Feigh (minor) was awarded the 2011-2012 James Harvey and Anabell Witherspoon Scholarship.
  • Robert Bumgarner (major) won the 2010-2011 Billy Tiller Award.

Several of our majors and minors won Academic Excellence Awards: Katie BallAmanda EasonJennifer FullerChristine MahoneyJamie PoagLuke Thomas,  Megan Ulmer, and Deidre Webb.

Three English majors were awarded PC Summer Fellowships for 2011:

  • Mary Ellis Glymph will work with Dr. Brent on a project titled “1500-1700 in England: The Lexicon Phenomenon,” wherein she will study the sudden expansion in the English vocabulary from the period of 1500-1700.
  • Tripp Spradley will work with Dr. McGehee on a project about Southern film.
  • Amanda Sutker will work with Dr. Barr researching the relationship between fathers and sons in 1960′s American literature, using Phillip Roth and other selected works.

Also, three English minors were awarded Summer Fellowships this year:

  • Drew Brandel will research correlations between reported self-esteem and academic records in the middle and high school students involved with PC’s own CHAMPS program.
  • Kristin Calandra will research parental attachment and self-perceived peer social competence in seventh through twelfth grade students.
  • Sam Disharoon will examine the musical composition in philosopher Adam Smith’s “Theory of Moral Sentiments.”

Along with Kit Schluter and Andrew Durbin, major Allen Butt has founded O’clock Press, an independent poetry press that produces chapbooks and CLOCK Magazine. Find out more about the press here.

English majors swept the elections for the Student Government Association Executive Council in Spring 2011: John Mark Elliott (President), Emma Reynolds (Vice President), Mani Foster (Secretary), Philip Carter (Honor Council Chair), and Kathleen Lifsey (Chair of Service and Religious Life).

Five of our English majors studied  abroad in Spring 2011: Allen Butt and Erin Fish at Pädagogische Hochschule in Germany (read Erin’s blog); Rachel Genrich at Paul Valey University Montpellier III in France (read her blog); Natalie Heath at the University of Stirling in Scotland (read her blog); and Amanda Sutker at MSID University of Minnesota in Jaipur, India. Two of our minors are studying abroad as well: Elizabeth Flowers at Flinders University in Australia and Sarah Harlan at University College Cork in Ireland.

On Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. during the Fall 2010 semester, Allen Butt (major) hosts a WPCX radio show called Stein Hour, “a semester-long tribute to Gertrude Stein (& test of endurance for me as I read her aloud for an hour a week).” For those of you less familiar with Stein, Allen describes her as “a modernist poet who championed the works of Picasso, Matisse, and Hemingway, but whose own writing was so radical that it didn’t really gain a serious following until the 1970s.”

Akeem Favor (major) and Lacy Feigh (minor) both won Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships for their respective study abroad experiences in Fall 2010. As a condition of the scholarship, they were required to tell people about the scholarship but also “foster a relationship between the local and international community.”  Both decided to keep blogs as part of that condition. Akeem studied film at St. Mary’s University College in Twickenham (London); his blog is here . Lacy went to Cairo and studied at the American University; her blog is here.

In May 2010, English minor Deirdre Webb went on a Maymester to England and Scotland with the History Department. While she admitted that the trip wasn’t really English related, Deirdre confessed they did a literary pub crawl in Edinburgh and went to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.

In April 2010, Allen Butt (major) won the College’s annual Creative Writing Award for three of his poems.

At the Big South Undergraduate Research Symposium, held at Radford University in April 2010, two English majors presented their work on James Joyce’s novel, Ulysses, essays originally written for Dr. Barr‘s class on The Modern British & American Novel. Rachel Genrich‘s paper was titled “A Seed Field Lies Fallow that Wants a Ploughshare: Fertility and Infertility in Ulysses” and Allen Butt‘s paper was about “Paternity in Ulysses.”

The students of Dr. Kingsbury‘s Women’s World Literature—Emily Grice (minor), Claire Hann,Taylee Harms (major), Kaitlyn Sheffield (minor), Zach Sprouse (major), and Ryan Walerski (minor)—put together a website as part of their coursework in Spring 2010.

In spring 2010, Mary Carpenter (major) interned at flower magazine in Birmingham, AL.  Mary learned all about the ins and outs of producing a magazine, and she even contributed to the flower blog. You can read some of Mary’s posts here and here.

Allen Butt (major) has had several poems published in the last couple of years. Meridian, at the University of Virginia, accepted two of Allen’s poems for Issue 25 (May 2010). Poetry, one of the nation’s leading poetry journals, have published three of his poems: “If Briefly” in the June 2010 issue, and “Feather in Bas-Relief” and “La Petite Vie” in January 2009.